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Is Procellix A Scam?

Before I got my supply of Procellix I was wondering if it was just a scam. After all I have tried loads of cellulite creams in the past and most were no better than expensive moisturisers.

I have stubborn patches on cellulite on the back and side of my thighs and thought they would never go away. With Procellix they are definitely shifting and I feel confident enough to bare my legs in short dresses again.

Is it a Scam?

So in my opinion, Procellix is definitely not a scam. The company ships quickly, the product works and there is no scammy re-billing like you get with other companies. You can buy one tube or many and not have to worry about dodgy charges appearing on your credit card bill.

Beware of fakes

To avoid being scammed by fake Procellix be sure to buy directly from the official site. Some people on amazon and eBay have expressed concern that they thought the tube they received wasn’t genuine Procellix. When you buy direct you can be sure you are getting the real deal.


Another reason I know Procellix is a scam is because their website has proof in the form of customer before and after pictures that are just amazing! It really helps to look at customers results instead of just reading testimonials.

Customer Service

Proof that the company behind the official Procellix site are to be trusted comes in the form of excellent customer service. They have a live help feature on their website so you can get instant answers to your questions.

They also have a US telephone number, or email support if you live outside the US. Many companies hide contact details but Dermal Meds is open with theirs.

For more information:

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