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Cellulite Treatment Plan

Cellulite is caused by fat bulging through the connective tissues in your legs,arms and stomach.The fat causes bumps and lumps to appear. It is a challenge to treat but it can be done. All you need to do is to follow a strict cellulite treatment plan like the one detailed below.

The following plan acts as a list for you to check off to make sure you are doing everything possible to treat your cellulite. It will hopefully help you to get organized with an easy to follow program.

Make sure you check off these items every week and stick to the plan, even if you think you aren’t seeing results:

  1. Exercise:Getting regular cardio exercise is necessary for losing the fat that bulges through to create cellulite. It also helps to boost blood flow that reduces the appearance of cellulite. Work out for 20 minutes a day, split into two sessions if that is easier to fit into your lifestyle. You should be breathing hard enough to not be able to sing whilst still being able to hold a conversation. Heart rate monitors are useful tools too.
  2. Change your diet: Each week, pick just one thing that you can change in your diet. For example switching soda for diet soda, or carrot sticks instead of potato chips. Changing one thing at a time will ease you into the program gently and won’t overwhelm you with loads of changes at once.
  3. Use the power of visualization: Imagine your body being cellulite free. This might sound silly but the mind is a powerful thing and if you keep focussed on a goal you are much more likely to reach it. Visualize yourself exercising and the fat melting off before your eyes. This will get you in the right frame of mind to exercise for real.

Of course there are always anti cellulite creams and pills if you want to see faster results. Our top rated cellulite treatment is called Procellix. It contains an ingredient that can actually be absorbed deep into your skin so it can start breaking up fat deposits. Not many creams can claim they actually “dissolve” fat!

Not only does it improve the appearance of cellulite and fat on thighs, it actually removes the fatty deposits that are causing the bumpy, dimpled skin.

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