Procellix Side Effects

I have been using Procellix anti cellulite cream for around two weeks now and I feel I have been using it for long enough to report back on the side effects I experienced when using it.

First of all lets look at the positives:

  • My cellulite is disappearing! It really seems to be getting rid of the fatty deposits on my thighs, which is the goal of any cellulite cream I suppose.
  • It is also shrinking my tummy. I researched the ingredients in Procellix and saw that one of them was used in body builder “cutting gels”. They slather it on before a competition to tighten skin and shrink fat cells to make them appear more toned. So I used Procellix on my stomach for a week and it has reduced in circumference by about an inch.
  • I’m wearing short skirts again. I haven’t been seen without a trusty pair of leggings on under a skirt in years. Now i finally feel confident to bare my legs which is ideal as I am going on holiday soon and can wear a swimsuit without a cover up.

And the negatives:

  • I haven’t seen any negative side effects so far. No allergic reaction,no burning sensation. In fact Procellix absorbs so quickly that I don’t notice I’m using it.

To err on the side of caution I would recommend spot testing Procellix on a small patch of skin in case you are allergic to any of the ingredients, which isn’t likely but you can’t be too careful.

I would highly recommend Procellix because not only does it work quickly to get rid of cellulite,it is also safe and side effect free to use in my experience.

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