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Anti Cellulite Therapy Options

If you have cellulite you may be interested in one of the many ways of treating it. You may already have tried a few yourself. I know I tried loads of different products, creams,pills and body brushing before I found the solution to my cellulite problem.

When you become informed of the various ways of reducing cellulite, you are in a better position to choose the method that is right for you.

cellulite free legsLifestyle

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on treating your cellulite, it would be best to make lifestyle changes first.

This includes reducing the amount of stress you are under, losing weight and exercising more. All of these things can contribute to cellulite reduction in a relatively pain free and side effect free way.

This may seem like a simplistic view, but the reality is that these basic changes can make a big difference.

Laser Therapy

If you have money to burn and don’t mind suffering for beauty then there is a harsh treatment for cellulite that involves the use of lasers to break up fatty deposits.

Radio therapy is another treatment along the same lines, and both types of treatment are quite costly and can involve pain and bruising. They are very effective though which is why some women decide to get these treatments.


Another expensive treatment is liposuction, and I would very much advise you not to get this invasive procedure.

Not just because of the pain and bruising, but also because of the chance of the cellulite appearing worse than before and having lumpy, uneven fat in your legs after the procedure.


Another option for getting rid of cellulite is called mesotherapy where a liquid is injected into your problem areas and is designed to dissolve the fatty tissues that make up cellulite.

Again, this is expensive and invasive and comes with side effects similar to liposuction such as dimpling and rippling at the injection site.

Cellulite Creams

The first thing you should try is one of the few truly effective cellulite reduction creams on the market. These firm up your thigh skin making cellulite less noticeable.

These creams usually contain active ingredients such as retinol or caffeine that together with the massaging action of rubbing a cream in, can break down fatty deposits and improve the appearance of cellulite.

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Cellulite Treatment Plan

Cellulite is caused by fat bulging through the connective tissues in your legs,arms and stomach.The fat causes bumps and lumps to appear. It is a challenge to treat but it can be done. All you need to do is to follow a strict cellulite treatment plan like the one detailed below.

The following plan acts as a list for you to check off to make sure you are doing everything possible to treat your cellulite. It will hopefully help you to get organized with an easy to follow program.

Make sure you check off these items every week and stick to the plan, even if you think you aren’t seeing results:

  1. Exercise:Getting regular cardio exercise is necessary for losing the fat that bulges through to create cellulite. It also helps to boost blood flow that reduces the appearance of cellulite. Work out for 20 minutes a day, split into two sessions if that is easier to fit into your lifestyle. You should be breathing hard enough to not be able to sing whilst still being able to hold a conversation. Heart rate monitors are useful tools too.
  2. Change your diet: Each week, pick just one thing that you can change in your diet. For example switching soda for diet soda, or carrot sticks instead of potato chips. Changing one thing at a time will ease you into the program gently and won’t overwhelm you with loads of changes at once.
  3. Use the power of visualization: Imagine your body being cellulite free. This might sound silly but the mind is a powerful thing and if you keep focussed on a goal you are much more likely to reach it. Visualize yourself exercising and the fat melting off before your eyes. This will get you in the right frame of mind to exercise for real.

Of course there are always anti cellulite creams and pills if you want to see faster results. Our top rated cellulite treatment is called Procellix. It contains an ingredient that can actually be absorbed deep into your skin so it can start breaking up fat deposits. Not many creams can claim they actually “dissolve” fat!

Not only does it improve the appearance of cellulite and fat on thighs, it actually removes the fatty deposits that are causing the bumpy, dimpled skin.

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Where To Buy Procellix

You have heard about Procellix anti cellulite cream and are probably wondering where the best place to buy it online is. Whether you live in the UK,US or worldwide we have found the perfect place to buy Procellix.

By buying from the official Procellix site you get:

  • The cheapest price as there is no retailer markup added
  • Special offers like free tubes when you buy multiple tubes at once
  • A special discount on Ephdrix diet pills
  • The peace of mind of knowing you are getting the genuine product and not a fake.
  • Excellent customer service including live help,emaill support and telephone support.
  • Worldwide shipping at a very reasonable price.

So to buy Procellix from a trusted source for the cheapest price available

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Is Procellix A Scam?

Before I got my supply of Procellix I was wondering if it was just a scam. After all I have tried loads of cellulite creams in the past and most were no better than expensive moisturisers.

I have stubborn patches on cellulite on the back and side of my thighs and thought they would never go away. With Procellix they are definitely shifting and I feel confident enough to bare my legs in short dresses again.

Is it a Scam?

So in my opinion, Procellix is definitely not a scam. The company ships quickly, the product works and there is no scammy re-billing like you get with other companies. You can buy one tube or many and not have to worry about dodgy charges appearing on your credit card bill.

Beware of fakes

To avoid being scammed by fake Procellix be sure to buy directly from the official site. Some people on amazon and eBay have expressed concern that they thought the tube they received wasn’t genuine Procellix. When you buy direct you can be sure you are getting the real deal.


Another reason I know Procellix is a scam is because their website has proof in the form of customer before and after pictures that are just amazing! It really helps to look at customers results instead of just reading testimonials.

Customer Service

Proof that the company behind the official Procellix site are to be trusted comes in the form of excellent customer service. They have a live help feature on their website so you can get instant answers to your questions.

They also have a US telephone number, or email support if you live outside the US. Many companies hide contact details but Dermal Meds is open with theirs.

For more information:

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Procellix Side Effects

I have been using Procellix anti cellulite cream for around two weeks now and I feel I have been using it for long enough to report back on the side effects I experienced when using it.

First of all lets look at the positives:

  • My cellulite is disappearing! It really seems to be getting rid of the fatty deposits on my thighs, which is the goal of any cellulite cream I suppose.
  • It is also shrinking my tummy. I researched the ingredients in Procellix and saw that one of them was used in body builder “cutting gels”. They slather it on before a competition to tighten skin and shrink fat cells to make them appear more toned. So I used Procellix on my stomach for a week and it has reduced in circumference by about an inch.
  • I’m wearing short skirts again. I haven’t been seen without a trusty pair of leggings on under a skirt in years. Now i finally feel confident to bare my legs which is ideal as I am going on holiday soon and can wear a swimsuit without a cover up.

And the negatives:

  • I haven’t seen any negative side effects so far. No allergic reaction,no burning sensation. In fact Procellix absorbs so quickly that I don’t notice I’m using it.

To err on the side of caution I would recommend spot testing Procellix on a small patch of skin in case you are allergic to any of the ingredients, which isn’t likely but you can’t be too careful.

I would highly recommend Procellix because not only does it work quickly to get rid of cellulite,it is also safe and side effect free to use in my experience.

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Anti Cellulite Wraps Reviewed

These new cellulite wraps have been growing in popularity recently. The use of these products is known as body wrapping and the goal is to remove any extra inches from your body from your legs, waist, hips or other parts that you may feel are just too big.

You can buy body wrapping kits that contain all sorts of ingredients you apply to the body before wrapping with a bandage like material. They range in price from very cheap to very expensive depending on brand and whats in the kit.

How Do Body Wraps Work?

The process is simple and works almost like magic.

The wraps are placed around the body, usually with “fat melting” creams applied first to give it a more powerful effect. The wraps make the body part look smaller almost instantly and the cream helps to reduce inches at the same time.


People who use it claim they have lost several inches, instead of pounds, after using the wraps for an hour at least. Some people also say that the wraps are ideal for cellulite as cellulite is fat tissue combined with water.

Anyone who has extra pounds to lose would love to know that there are products on the market that can remove the unwanted extra fat while they are lying in bed with a body wrap on. If they do not want the effort of exercise and diet, all they have to do is to use the wraps with cream and they can lose inches, giving the appearance of fat loss.

 Should I Buy A Body Wrap Kit?

There is one fact about anti-cellulite wraps. They are new compared to products which have been sold for decades. But the fact is that cellulite wraps have been around for enough time to be in the main stream and have proven themselves to work. When you combine them with a more established anti cellulite cream like Procellix you have a great inch loss treatment.

Some doctors also agree that such method really works but there is another thing to bear in mind. It is because of perspiration that most weight is lost and thus you will see the loss of water weight mainly instead of fat loss.

So is a body wrap kit worth buying? Yes if you want to see short term inch loss, but if you want more results you should combine them with other fat loss and cellulite removal products.

If you combine a body wrap with the Slendex supplement you can see an overall reduction in fat and cellulite. For more information:

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